Mission & History

It is the ECMA's mission to foster, develop, promote and celebrate East Coast music and its artists locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We strive to succeed in our mission through the execution of our annual event (East Coast Music Week), educational sessions, trade missions and our International Export Program. We also partner with special industry organizations to offer additional opportunities to our artists.

26 Years in the Making

The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is a regional collaboration of people in the music industry of Atlantic Canada. We are a registered non-profit association dedicated to the music of Atlantic Canada. Membership is open to all individuals working in any sector of the music industry or those who support the music industry. Membership includes musicians, artists, agents, managers, record companies, studios, media, related corporation and retailers. The ECMA currently has over 1,000 members.

Over the past 26 years, the association has been witness to the successes and struggles of hundreds of East Coast artists. ECMA has been a catalyst, bringing music industry representatives from all over the world here to the East Coast to discover and cultivate one of our greatest exportable resources - our music. By doing so, we have also helped build a regional and professional music industry in our corner of the world, one that supports and develops the careers of both the artists and the industry.

The music industry has never been a static one, and ECMA has evolved with the industry over the past 26 years. We have facilitated national and international record deals, and huge tours around the world. In the 2000's, as music became more readily available in digital format, ECMA recognized that this change would cause a surge in do-it-yourself independent artists, and chose to embrace them and include these artists in their mandate. Now, as the industry continues to change drastically worldwide, ECMA strives to keep on top of these changes by presenting relevant and helpful workshops and seminars during East Coast Music Week.

East Coast Music Week is now a five-day, non-stop musical celebration showcasing and recognizing the best of East Coast artists and music. The ultimate goal of this internationally recognized event is to position and promote it as the premiere music event for the public and the music industry in Canada and the conference of choice for artists and industry professionals.