Artists from around the globe are being invited to take part in what is expected to become the largest online matchmaking venture of musicians ever undertaken. Created in a world first collaboration between founding partners Sounds Australia, Showcase Scotland Expo and the East Coast Music Association (ECMA), and nine export organisations and showcase events from around the world including; Music Estonia; Music Finland; Music Norway; Iceland Music; English Folk Expo; Focus Wales; Culture Ireland; Spectacle vivant en Bretagne, France; LUCfest, Taiwan; and Puglia Sounds, Italy.

Global Music Match is a pilot initiative created to continue raising the profile of local artists in international music markets within the challenging parameters of the COVID 19 pandemic. The program is a unique response to the limitations imposed on the music industry, that makes use of the only available platform – social media and peer-to-peer collaboration aimed to increase networks and exposure for export-ready artists internationally.

How This Will Work?

Thirteen countries will submit a slate of 12 export ready artists/ groups in the folk, roots, acoustic and World music genre (some countries will join together to form one group representing 12 artists). Artists must have a strong social media presence (#facebook, instagram, twitter) and active on their social media networks.

This pilot project will roll out in two segments and offer artists the unique opportunity to expand their social media footprint by entering into 6 new territories around the world using their social media platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter) over a 6 week period.

Artists will be drafted into ‘teams’ and assigned a ‘coach’ to work with throughout this initiative. Each week, one band/musician from each country will ‘introduce’ a guest artist from a different country, engaging with them on social media to cross promote to their audiences. Each week, the ‘spotlight artist’ will be featured through interactive interviews and digital content on their teammates’ social media networks exposing them to new international audiences. This global network platform is aimed to promote artists in new territories, develop social media skills and interaction, grow audiences and connect musicians around the world.

APPLY NOW Submissions Close: Friday, July 17th

Pilot Edition Key Dates:

17 July: Artist submissions close

3 August: Selected artists notified and confirmed

10 August: Country Market Webinars/Social Media Sessions/Artist and Coach Preparation

17 August: Country Market Webinars/Social Media Sessions/Artist and Coach Preparation

24 August: GMM Week 1

31 August: GMM Week 2

7 Sept: GMM Week 3

14 Sept: GMM Week 4

21 Sept: GMM Week 5

28 Sept: GMM Week 6

5 October: GMM Debrief and Evaluation Session


Join the Global Music Match!

ECMA artists must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an ECMA member in good standing.
  • Be export-ready and exporting artists and groups who have a current release within the last 24 months and/ or a forthcoming release in the next 12 months.
  • Artists must demonstrate they are export-ready and/or have exporting experience (showcasing or touring experience) and the ability and team infrastructure to maximize on this opportunity.
  • Artists must have a strong social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and be active on their social media networks.
  • Artists must be available throughout the duration of the project and agree to the terms and guidelines outlined in the application form.


For more information, or questions please contact Jess de Domenico, Membership Manager at