Emiel Schaap
Export Buyers
Position: Promoter/ Booker
Company: Double Vee Concerts - Utrecht, Netherlands
Emiel Schaap studied bass guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Being on the road for many years as a musician, he learned, in practice, to take care of some of the business aspects of the music industry for his own bands. Emiel found out that he could also befriend artists by doing this, and started his own booking agency in 2018. Through time he stopped playing music, and got into the business side of it full time. In 2021, Emiel came in contact with Double Vee Concerts and started working there as a Music Promoter where they book NL shows for artists like Tori Amos, The Lumineers, Eels, Big Thief, Curtis Harding and many more.

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