Kai Lehmann
Export Buyers
Position: Founder/ Booking Agent
Company: Cabin Artists - Berlin, Germany
Kai Lehmann has seen various angles of the music business, since the late nineties, when he started to write, compose and tour internationally as a musician. Kai has worked as a booker, promoter and manager before he founded Cabin Artists in 2018. Kai’s client roster includes award-winning artists like The Strumbellas, genre-defying musicians like Busra Kayikci, Luke Howard, James Heather, Hope, Black Sea Dahu and Cash Savage & The Last Drinks as well as highly acclaimed new talents like C’est Karma, just to name a few, booking and/or managing them worldwide, in Europe & UK as well as representing them exclusively in the GSA territory. He’s driven by passion and the goal to create individualized, long term strategies for his clients, working closely with them and their partners to achieve sustainable and successful careers, and to support and foster their creative development.

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