Tim Hardy
Conference Speaker
Position: Owner
Company: Sound of Pop - Halifax, NS, Canada
Tim Hardy is the co-owner of Sound of Pop, operates an independent rights management / music consulting company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Aspenway Music) and previously worked with SOCAN for over 22 years in Toronto and Halifax. Founded in 2001, Sound of Pop is a multiple ECMA award-winning music publishing & master/sync representation company owned and operated by Glenn McMullen and Tim Hardy. Sound of Pop Publishing currently represents 3000+ songs in a one-stop capacity for sync representation and/or publishing. The catalogue includes ECMA nominated artists Quote the Raven, Chris Kirby, The Town Heroes, Campbell and Johnston, Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound, Andrew Waite,Tomato/Tomato, FM Berlin, Adyn Townes, Elephant Skeletons, Kin Crew, Aley Waterman (Galaa), Awolk, Chris Ryan, Mick Davis, Fairgale, Mitchell Bailey, Brianna Gosse, Tyler Hache and more. Other Canadian acts represented include Paragon Cause, Coco Love Alcorn, Candice Sand, Steven Bowers, Runaway Angel and Jesse Peters. SOP also represents international acts XY&O (UK), Hydrogen Child (United States), Bettie Serveert (Netherlands), Voltaire Twins (Australia) and are the Canadian sub-publisher for the US-based company Figure and Groove.

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