Bonnie Fedrau
Conference Speaker
Position: Administrator
Company: ACTRA RACS - Toronto, ON, Canada
Bonnie Fedrau is an accomplished music industry veteran, working in multiple areas of the music industry for over 25 years: artist development, publishing, artist management, retail, and DJing. As a music scout (A&R), for Warner Music, EMI, and Jive Records, Fedrau signings included Sarah Harmer, Kos, Sky, and Three Days Grace. Fedrau then helped build EBA Inc, one of the first companies to provide the services of a business affairs department for small-to-medium music companies and artist entrepreneurs that were too small to have a business affairs department of their own. Company services include royalty and copyright administration, grant writing, and music contracts. Now at ACTRA RACS Fedrau continues her long-standing support for musicians, in the membership services department. ACTRA RACS collect neighboring rights royalties world-wide, representing tens of thousands of recording artists across all genres and distributing over $100 million to artists and session musicians.

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