Dani Strong
VIP Delegate
Position: Artist Manager
Company: Taylor Entertainment - Kimberley, BC, Canada

As an award-winning artist and songwriter herself, Dani Strong comes to the table with over 2 decades of touring, recording, educating, writing and releasing music. She is a MASSIVE cheerleader and “warrior” for hardworking, talented artists who she feels have earned industry attention. Dani has earned her reputation as a talented, hard-working indie both on and off the stage starting out "paying her dues" as a roadie for some big Canadian rock bands - hauling gear and working as the only female crew member on the tour. She continued writing her own songs working her way into recording a #1 iTunes album in 2016, toured Canada, was featured on international talent shows, overcame a song-theft scandal, and now owns Taylor Entertainment with the goal to empower talented emerging artists to find success in their musical endeavours. Taylor Entertainment is a label services team that provides services in radio promotions, artist management and music releases. Dani currently manages two 2023 ECMA nominated artists-- Mallory Johnson and Nick Earle.

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