Danielle Lemieux
VIP Delegate
Position: Director of Live Events
Company: Vox Agency - Halifax, NS, Canada
Always there to offer a helping hand, Danielle Lemieux has a rich history working behind the scenes to bring a unique touch to a wide range of events. Her loyalty to live entertainment was cultivated in the Northern Ontario music and film sector before steering Danielle towards Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2012. When you first meet Danielle, her laughter and casual nature immediately set the tone. Approaching each engagement with fresh ideas, a positive outlook, and a deep-rooted understanding of all the pieces that must come together to make any production a success. Her experience in many different roles such as festival management, artist relations, talent negotiations, event execution and live audio and tech offers her a well-rounded perspective on event coordination. Flexible and dependable, she is an organizational powerhouse. Logistics are her forte. Whether coordinating with suppliers, artists, venues, or agents, Danielle has all the bases covered.

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