Hayley Ryerson
Conference Speaker
Position: Artist / Mental Health Peer Supporter
Company: - Nova Scotia

Hayley's fiddling is precise, evocative, and whimsical. Her original fiddle tunes sit naturally among traditional repertoire and contemporary works and her most recent project Both Sides of The Water is like peering through seaglass. Hayley is developing her collection of original music called H20, aesthetically informed by her background in jazz and rooted in her first musical language of traditional fiddling. Hayley teaches fiddle lessons at her studio Four Pillars Fiddle, and was nominated as 'Educator of the Year' by Nova Scotia Music Awards 2021/22. In addition to her private teaching practice, Hayley has instructed for groups such as Kole Crook Fiddle Association, Toronto Fiddle Collective, and Canadian Grand Master's fiddle camp.

Hayley is active in promoting wellness in the music community, starting with herself. She has trained in the Alexander Technique, a kinaesthetic & experiential learning process that works with a whole person to coordinate in their activity. Hayley brings what she has learned in the technique to her fiddle students to promote ease in their playing. Hayley is a peer supporter with the East Coast Music Association. With other peer supporters, Hayley assists fellow professional musicians meet and explore challenges in wellness, career, and relationship to craft.

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