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The Radio ECMA Podcast, born out of a time of need during the pandemic and continued through the slow reopening, has run it's course and ECMA has decided to retire the show. We are grateful to all those who participated for providing us with insight into their worlds and to all of you for listening.

You can still get all of the episodes on your favourite streaming platform if you want to relive the magic. Thanks for tuning in!


The Radio ECMA Podcast is produced by the East Coast Music Association, with music by Cassie Mann. For more information on upcoming episodes, head to or find us on social media. Join us on the third Thursday of each month for new episodes!

Background music by Cassie Mann

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Want to be on Radio ECMA?

Would you like the opportunity to be feature on Radio ECMA? Reach out to our Membership & Special Projects Manager, Anthony Carew, for more information at [email protected].

Please note, while we do our best to showcase a wide variety of genres, styles, and backgrounds, we cannot fit everyone into a 12 episode season.

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