An ECMA Membership not only connects you better to the news and opportunities within the music industry, but gives you a chance to play a bigger role in all the Association does for East Coast artists.

ECMA memberships are free for members of the following Atlantic Music Industry Associations (MIAs): ANSMA, CBMIC, Music/Musique NB, Music NL, Music Nova Scotia, Music PEI. To sign up or renew your membership for free, you must send proof of your MIA membership to [email protected]. Proof can be a screenshot of your MIA profile, or a receipt of purchase; but must clearly show either the date of purchase or the expiration date of your MIA membership. Once proof of MIA membership has been obtained we will send you a discount code for 100% off!

If you are not a member of one of the listed MIAs, you can still purchase an ECMA membership below.


This membership level is for folks who are big fans of East Coast Music. Be the first to hear about our events and support the best the East Coast has to offer.

Please note this is a non voting, no submission membership meant for music fans.

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Individual memberships are for those who are making their way through the industry solo. This includes solo musicians, and freelance industry members like Visual Artists or Technicians for hire.

An Individual Membership gives you one vote for the board of directors.

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Our Small Business membership is for local businesses within the music industry. This can include Venues, Non-Profits, and other small scale businesses.

A Small Business Membership gives you two votes for the board of directors.

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Our Musical Group membership is for all musical acts that consist of two or more people. Duos, Bands, Choirs, Orchestras, etc would all fall under the Musical Group level

A Musical Group Membership gives you two votes for the board of directors.

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Our Corporate membership is for the large players in the Music Industry. If your company is incorporated then this is the level for you.

A Corporate Membership gives you two votes for the board of directors.

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