Floodland - All Out
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Indie, Pop, Rock

Astute and adept, this four piece take their sound and its delivery as seriously as their audience allows. Fluctuating from lyrically thoughtful complex ballads, through furious noisescapes and back to stripped-naked and earnest rockers, Floodland’s body of work is ever-evolving yet consistently unpretentious. From the very first verse, it becomes clear to the listener that Floodland take their inventions, though not necessarily themselves, seriously.

Floodland’s obsession with detail and dynamics have been reaping reward from risk, evident in the effortless stride from the alluringly haunting acoustic of Ampersand (2013) to their latest release, It's The Fire (2015). In collaboration with producer Gavin Gardiner of the Wooden Sky, their new record, Static Walls (2017) continues the band's tradition of mixing infectious vocal refrains with deft guitarmony, all the while progressing the band's songwriting into catchier and more eclectic realms, backed up with engaging stage presence, four part vocals and committed musicianship. Insistent in their craft, these zealous practitioners of indie rock produce hooks that will pick you out of the surging crowd, follow you home and stay the night.

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