Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin - Dark Beside the Dawn
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Rock

Adam Baldwin doesn’t bend reality to create a happy ending. Instead, he tells his story honestly, hunting down the beast in himself in order to hopefully figure out how to live with it. While he turns his songwriting lens further inward on No Rest for the Wicked, he shoots for the rafters with bold, brash guitars, earth-shaking drums, and synths that by turns build doomy atmospheres or provide the rocket-fuel that propels a chorus to its interstellar heights. Recorded by Gus Van Go and Werner F., the EP builds on the promise of Baldwin’s award-winning No Telling When (Precisely Nineteen Eight-Five) and reveals a new sharpness to the skills he’s honed over the better part of 15 years, toughing it out on the road and in the studio.