Isle of Ease
Isle of Ease - Your Table
Region: Newfoundland and Labrador
Genre: Folk, Indie

ROADS, Isle of Ease’s debut album takes you on a melodic joy ride, which immerses the listener into the celebration of life and keeps one guessing about the intricate journey which lies ahead. Intriguing lyrics and creative guitar sounds mesh with dynamic shifts in percussion to create an awe-inspiring type of anthemic folk-rock.

The principal singer-songwriter of the project, Daniel McLean often finds himself multi-tasking on stage; singing, playing acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizer, and harmonic. McLean’s best friend Adam Billard manages to sing harmony vocals, play drums, glockenspiel and many other obscure percussive instruments on stage to generate an ambience that would make most musicians head-turn. Creating sounds that are well outside of most musicians habitual norm is what fuels this emerging east coast artist.

One of the underlying themes of ROADS:

Each and every soul has so much creative potential. Spending time to share interests and to gather ideas can more often than not reveal ones inner creative capacity. Everyone brings something to the table.

An excerpt from Your Table:

you will find your table when it comes looking for you

you won't have to see it, you'll just know

the seat will be waiting loyal to you, it won't fit no other bones

come to the table and sit with me and we'll decide for ourselves

and we'll rise up from below

Isle of Ease have just wrapped up a sizable tour throughout eastern Canada in support of their debut album ROADS. The duo is currently in the planning stages of another east coast tour around the upcoming ECMA week in the early spring of 2017. Keep an eye out for these feel-good folk rockers from the foggiest city east of the Mississippi.

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