Canada Music Group
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: ["Blues","Celtic","Folk","Gospel","Metal","Pop-Rock","R&B","Rock","Soul"]

Canada Music Group is now operating on the East Coast.

Canada Music Group is owned by Andrew Keith Russell, President and operates 3 divisions focusing on Management, Production and Recording. Over 30 Years in the Industry. Andrew is a Board Member of Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative.

Andrew has witnessed the friendliness and passionate attitude of the people of the East Coast of Canada, recently attending the ECMA’s Sydney and was overwhelmed at the vast array of talent. The decision was made to relocate the business to Cape Breton and service the entire Maritimes. Andrew has since been a Judge for the ECMA 2017.

Canada Music Group takes artist management seriously and will only ever formally manage a small number of chosen artists.

AudiaOne Studios
A fully digital studio utilizing Studio One DAW, Universal Audio and Apple hardware. Mixing and Mastering Services.

Concert Production from local halls to arenas, stage management, promotion to live sound engineering.