AUDRA RAULYNS - What I Never Knew About Love
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Country

AUDRA RAULYNS is a powerful singer, connected songwriter, captivating entertainer and after celebrating 25yrs in the biz, this vivacious woman's energy is still contagious!! National radio recognition on All That , 2006,(Available on iTunes ) established her ever-present support to the Maritime Music scene.

A provincially recognized public speaker, she actively works in studio and live audio production and direction, event management, hosting and emceeing.
Most recently in the fall of 2013 Audra has been cast as a lead in the Rock Opera Deception and now she adds budding actress to her lengthy resume(touring the Maritimes the Spring of 2014).
Audra is a born entertainer!! Her latest CD, self titled Audra released Summer 2013 is a compilation of songs of joy and motivation. "There is no 'tear in my beer' songs on here, it's all for you to dance and sing."