Braden Lam
Braden Lam - Habit of My Heart
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Folk, Indie, Pop

Braden Lam takes listeners on a journey of growth and aspiration with "Inside Four Walls", six songs that walk from adolescence and a wide-open future into the reality of adulthood and its sundry limitations, trying to find the ideal balance between art and responsibility. It’s a soundtrack to reconsidering your views of society, others, and yourself.

Recorded with Prince Edward Island’s pre-eminent pop producer Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions, Adyn Townes, Sorrey), the new album sees the young songwriter looking beyond the walls of the bedroom he made his debut "Driftwood People" in, and seeing a more complex world. Inspired by the honest storytelling and heart-pulling melodies of songwriters like Tim Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Maggie Rogers, Lam’s own craft is a study in the day-to-day, with a sharp, specific eye and a knack for expressing observations universally.

It’s music for driving and singing along to, for late night heart-to-hearts and Sunday morning papers, for growing up and letting go. It’s bearing witness to the death of your old self, and accepting and celebrating the person you have become.

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