Breagh Mackinnon
Breagh Mackinnon - Astronaut - Port Cities
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: Singer-Songwriter

A celebrated and talented east coast artist, Breagh is a compelling songwriter and accomplished jazz pianist, but it is her captivating voice that commands center stage.

Backed by her jazz training and combined with her love of contemporary folk and pop music music, Breagh produced a debut recording that showcased a sound uniquely her own. Nominated for an ECMA, “Where The Days Went” also earned Breagh honours in the U.S. New Songwriting Competition and a performance at New York’s Lincoln Centre.

Rooted in an upbringing alongside Cape Breton Island’s musical talents, and bolstered by years of developing her craft with writing stints in Nashville and at the Gordie Sampson Songcamp, Breagh developed a passion for collaboration. Since then, her songwriting has crossed many genres – appearing on recordings by artists such as Ria Mae, David Myles and Donovan Woods. She has led songwriting sessions as far afield as Germany.

As Breagh toured her solo record, she began spending more and more time onstage and off with fellow east coast singer-songwriters Carleton Stone and Dylan Guthro. The three soon realized their individual musical tastes and talent were melding to create a fresh new sound. Port Cities was born. In 2017, Port Cities released their award winning debut. Produced by Gordie Sampson, the record is marked by memorable pop melodies and three part harmonies.

“Breagh is that rare combination of voice , song and musical strength. The writing is breathtaking and the voice is strong medicine” - Gordie Sampson