Carla Bonnell
Carla Bonnell - The Last Train
Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Americana, Country, Folk, Indie, Roots, Singer-Songwriter

When creative force met business prowess it formed the sensational singer-songwriter Carla Bonnell. Constantly faced with obstacles from conventional issues found in the working class life, Carla did whatever she could to earn a living, raise her two children and make a difference in the world around her. When there wasn’t work, she found the holes that needed to be filled and created work. After a work contracted ended in 2012, she decided to enter into the professional world of singer-songwriter full time. In 2013, she headed to Nashville to record her first record with songs written by Sam Mullins. Back To You was an experiment in professional recording that left her determined to go further and not just settle for what was common or expected from a new artist in industry. Exactly a full year later Carla drove from North Bay, Ontario to Westville, Nova Scotia to record her first full album of her own original songs with Juno Nominated writer, producer, and performer J.P. Cormier. The album THE LIBERATOR was an unexpected success hitting the radio charts all across Canada and holding the number 1 place on CIBL Montreal.

Learning about the business side of the industry fueled Carla’s desire to do more and she headed back to the studio in the fall of 2015 to record at TIDAL RECORDS her second album of originals. Believing strongly that life is constantly moving and full of variables, Carla moved from folk/ bluegrass sound into a rockabilly sound that has elements of 70's rock and classic country throughout her folksy style.

This determined performer was inducted in the Minto Country Music Wall of Fame in 2014 by a panel of her peers and has been recognized by several international awards for best folk song of 2015 with her singles the Last Train and The Calling. She has been well received on radio networks throughout the world. Carla Bonnell spent a good portion of 2015 on the top 10 Community Radio charts across Canada with her brand of country- folk stylings, with her album The Liberator, hitting the number 1 spot on CIBL Radio Montreal and remaining in the top 10 in spots throughout the country on community radio.Carla’s shows are intimate, energetic, often humorous and always sincere.

Carla is signed with Rosner Management Services out of Vancouver, BC. She is the Atlantic Canada A&R for the management company. She launched her online radio station in June 1, 2017 to promote independent artists. The station a non-commercial reporting station and is Socan licensed to play. The Hidden Gems Broadcasting (HGB) station boasts live hosted shows out of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. Carla’s Country Mile, a staple of the station, goes live on location to various venues in support of indie artists and business.

More is on the horizon for Carla. An east coast tour is on the books for the spring of 2018 with Rise Up TV. Imagine a 56 passenger tour bus, filled with musicians and performers, TV crew, vloggers, bloggers and media, travelling together throughout Canada, coast to coast, putting on a 3 hour “grammy style” show, in 12 cities!. They are having their every move filmed for television, whether on the bus, at the hotel, or dealing with the unexpected ups and downs that occur while on tour in the current entertainment business! ! This exciting concept is now a Reality TV show and coming in the spring of 2018. The footage will be edited into 12 compact 30 minute episodes to be released online and through traditional broadcast networks in the fall of 2018.”

  • “'Brilliant lyricism, tight acoustic arrangements and a broad musical imagination combine to lend this album a haunting, magical quality that is sure to endure.'”

— Akademia Music Awards

  • "There are two types of artists in the world. Those like myself who have made a living with it all their lives, and those who, for whatever reasons, choose not to take that path. Among these "non-pros", there can often be found some of the greatest music you've never heard. I specialize in producing these artists. I believe that just because someone doesn't have millions of fans doesn't affect their voice or their validity to the industry or the world. These artists have something very important and lasting to say. Carla is one of those artists. Her voice and her writing is a study in purity, and somehow innocence, tho her life experience is vast. I compare her to the old masters, the ones who sang without frills and refused to hide behind anything. She just comes right out and sings it like it is......"

J.P. Cormier, Minto Country Music Wall of Fame