Carmenne Chiasson
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: Acadien, Country, Folk, Indie, Pop, Pop-Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Top Ten Reasons (Valentines)

This mean, funny Valentines song is a reminder not to forget your loved ones on Valentines Day!

In Feb 2014 this song charted at #38 on Airplay Direct Top 50 Country songs!! (Next to Dolly Parton)

Top 10 Reasons (Valentines) can be purchased at the following link:

No Laughter in the Rain available for free download at:

I wrote this song for my mother when she was ill and she has recovered from that illness. She contines to suffer from Vascular Dementia but has benefitted from medication.

Alzeimers and Dementia project by Christina Martin

Christina Martin has kindly included my song in her project on Alzheimers and Dementia. You can see the project and hear my song "No Laughter in the Rain" and 5 of Christina Martin's amazing songs, all available for free download, at the link below.

Jamey's Ghost now available on cd baby and iTunes !!!

Newly released song written to try to help prevent bullying and teen suicide.

Lyrics and Music by Carmenne Chiasson, Guest Vocals, arranged, all instrumentation, and produced by Alex Buchanan, Harbourtone studio, Shelburne, N.S.

"Jamey's Ghost" is a tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14 year old boy who took his own life as a result of peer bullying related to his being gay. This song is written from the perspective of Jamey's Ghost. It starts with his explaining how hopeless he felt "I felt like my memories became everything I was I felt I couldn't breathe. These thoughts were all in my head, I felt my body was alive but my spirit was dead". Then lets everyone know "Everything is temporary it will pass with time, you can shine, you can fly, you will survive" "I will help you through this pain, I will help you to survive don't want to die in vain". "The time will come again when you can laugh and play". "Jamey's Ghost" was selected on Jan 11th, 2014 for inclusion on a Youth Empowerment Project across the United States! This song was also recently selected for World Wide radio airplay and Muzac streaming in retail outlets worldwide (up to 100 million listeners per day). We are so encouraged by these opportunities to help teens!

Thank-you Alex Buchanan, Harbourtone Studio

for your Amazing Production on my songs!

Top Ten Reasons (Valentine) (To hear this song go to my website at or my soundcloud account under carmenne chiasson as artist)

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!! Charted Right above Dolly Parton!!!

Rank Downloads Creds

39 Carmenne Music 8 3
Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Hawaii (HI)

41 Dolly Parton 8 160
Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN)

As of Feb12th at 12:00pm CST

WOW My Valentines song Got Charted on APD Country Top 50 Chart for February, 2014!! As of Feb 11th, I'm ranked #39th, right above Dolly Parton!!!! YAY!!

This MEAN, FUNNY Valentines Day song can be heard on my website (click on the link above at - and don't miss the surprise ending!!!

To purchase go to:

Bring out the Champagne!!

Cheers and Happy Valentines Day!!!

Newly released Feb 1st, 2014!! This funny, mean Valentines day song gives the "top 10 reasons why he never got me nothin' on Valentines"!

Available on CD Baby at and on Amazon and itunes! This song will make you dance, laugh and want to download it for the ringtone!

Lyrics and Compostion by Carmenne. Arranged, produced, and instruments and by Alex Buchanan. of Harbourtone Studio. Back up vocals by Lisa Buchanan.

Radio Airplay for the song Soul Mates!!

In November, 2013, Mia Bajin selected my Music Xray song "Soul Mates" for her Worldwide Media Blast Opportunity! In addition she tracked the airplay and sent me a report that, in one week in November my song was play on 253 online USS radio station, 182 Worldwide online radio station, 76 USA FM radio stations and 161 Worldwide FM radio stations!! The cities where the song was played are listed below.

November, 2013 FM Radio Airplay Worldwide for the song “Soul Mates” from the “Can’t Stop Smilin” album: Aprox 2 stations per city, NY – 9 US cities: Mesa, Scottsdale, Fresno, Tulsa, Clovis, Tucson, Fairfield, Kansas City, San Antonio, Memphis, Houston, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Fort Lauderdale, etc. - all total: 52, other stations I couldn't locate – 142, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina -all total: 23, Europe: UK 32, Germany 17, Austria 4, Switzerland 1, Sweden 3, Italy 5, Spain 5, France 13, Romania, 1, Slovenia 1, Croatia 1, Serbia 2, Hungary 2, Poland 2, Russia 16, Turkey 2,Africa, all total: 3, Asia - Japan 12, rest of Asia 19,Canada18

November, 2013 Online Radio Airplay Worldwide for the song “Soul Mates”from the“Can’t Stop Smilin” album: AFRICA: • Alexandria [Egypt] 1, • Dakar [Senegal] 2, • Lagos [Nigeria] 1, • Nairobi [Kenya] 1, • Cape Town [South Africa] 4, • East London [South Africa] 2
AUSTRALIA: • Melbourne 3, • Sydney 7,• Brisbane 3,• Mandurah 2,• Sunshine Coast 1,• Perth 2,• Adelaide 2,• Newcastle 5,• New Zealand: Auckland 3 ASIA: • Bombay [India] 7,• Istanbul [Turkey] 2,• Shenyjang [China] 8,• Tokyo [Japan] 16,• Bangkok [Thailand] 2, • Baghdad [Iraq] 1,• Jakarta [Indonesia] 5,• Bangalore [India] 4, • Shanghai [China] 2,• Delhi [India] 2,• Beirut [Lebanon] 1,• Agra [India] 1,• Fuji [Japan] 1,• Abu Dhabi [Emirates] 3 EUROPE: • Moscow [Russia] 5,• Oslo [Norway] 2,• Roma [Italy] 2,• Sarajevo [Bosnia] 1,• Belgrade [Serbia] 2,• Copenhagen [Denmark] 2,• Kragujevac [Serbia] 1,• Amsterdam [Netherlands] 1,• Munchen [Germany] 3,• Sttutgart [Germany] 2,• Hamburg [Germany] 3,• Wien [Austria] 4,• Zurich [Switzerland] 2,• Hannover [Germany] 1,• Valencia [Spain] 1,• Penza [Russia] 1,• Sheffield [UK] 1,• London [UK] 8,• Milan [Italy] 1,• Paris [France] 7,• Barcelona [Spain] 3,• Madrid [Spain] 1,• Berlin [Germany] 4,• Budapest [Hungary] 2,• Birmingham [UK] 1,• Osijek [Croatia] 1,• Zagreb [Croatia] 2,• Lion [France] 1,• Cyprus 1,• Glasgow [Russia] 1,• Wroclaw [Poland] 1,• Dortmund [Germany] 3,• Ljubljana [Slovenia] 1,• Venezia [Italy] 1,• Palma de Mallorca [Spain] 1 USA: • Athens 1 [GA],• Atlanta 3 [GA],• Chapel Hill 1 [NC],• Raleigh 1 [NC],• Columbus 1 [OH]• Thornton1 [CO],• Charlotte 1 [NC],• Philadelphia 2 [PA],• Chicago 3 [IL],• San Francisco 2 [CA],• Riverside 1 [CA]• Austin 1 [TX],• Seattle 3 [WA],• Detroit 1 [MI],• Portlant 1 [OR],-Phoenix 2 [AZ]• Everett 2 [WA]• Palm Bay 1 [FL]• Norwalk 1 [CA]• Los Angeles 5 [CA]• Lansing 1 [MI]• Naperville 2 [IL]• New Heaven 1 [CT]• Minneapolis 1 [MN]• New York 7 [NY]• Paterson 1 [NJ]• Fort Lauderdale 1 [FL]• Fort Worth 2 [TX]• San Antonio 1 [TX]• San Jose 2 [CA]• Houston 1 [TX]• Memphis 2 [TN]• Boston 4 [MS], Las Vegas 1 [NV]• Miami 2 [FL]• Lexington 2 [KY]• Cleveland 3 [OH]• Sacramento 1 (CA)

Recently Released Christmas is Coming Soon!!

Carmenne is releasing a new song called "Christmas is Coming Soon"! This catchy upbeat song portrays the joy of the spirit of Christmas. Release date on itunes is projected for Nov 25th! Carmenne wrote the music and lyrics and then performed the song with Verma Fe, her Filipino-American friend. Carmenne and Verma have decided to donate 25% of profit over the next 6 months to the Red Cross assisting victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. To purchase, please go to:)


To see our Youtube music video, please go to:)

Carmenne Chiasson submitted "You Make Me Dizzy " Youtube video to the Stan Rogers Tweener contest! Copy the link below to check it out and vote daily!!:)

Carmenne Chiasson, Singer-Songwriter Biography

Carmenne Chiasson is a French Canadian singer-songwriter from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. She was raised in Margaree, with 3 sisters and 4 brothers and, she reports, they had no running hot water and you could see your breath 5 feet from the old wood stove! Her family moved to her mother’s Acadian village in Clare, Nova Scotia when she was 15 and she attended Clare District high school. She also completed degrees at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She currently lives on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.
Carmenne wrote her first song, "Meadow Doe" at the age of 9! Carmenne's first album, “Apple Pie”, was released in Nova Scotia in May, 2012 at the Seadog Saloon in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. “Can’t Stop Smilin”. Her second album, was released on Aug 3rd, 2013 in Comeauville, Nova Scotia (available on itunes). Both albums were produced by Alex Buchanan at Harbourtone Studio in Shelburne. Carmenne’s first YouTube video is at “You Make Me Dizzy When You Kiss Me” ( Her songs are being played on FM radio and online radio stations worldwide!

Songs from the “Can’t stop Smilin” album and Christmas is Coming Soon are available under artist name Carmenne at, CDBaby, and itunes,

Carmenne can be reached by email at

You can preview her songs at her website or check out her artist profile at . Carmenne is a member of the performing rights organization SOCAN in Canada, affiliated with ASCAP in the USA.

Electronic Press Kit:

You Make Me Dizzy Reviews and Contract Offers
04/18/2013 09:32PM EST Eddie from Music Of the Sea, Inc. What a happy song, very nice! I have many places for your sound!! I think it's a dynamic fit for many films/tv/ads in many different directions. Romantic comedies, dramatic scenes and car commercials, espn, etc. It's a very sync-able track. What I can offer is getting it expose to the world on a country by country basis sub publishing wise. If you agree I would include it in my publishing catalog which connects you to the world. I can pitch your tunes to video game companies, TV, film and Ads. As well as licensing to cds, digital licensing, mobile,ringtones,etc.

Linnette A. Harrigan — 04/22/2013 03:40PM EST Non-exclusive contract signed. Thanks for your recent submit. We have chosen your track as a strong possibility for our film/tv project listing. However, the song must be reviewed further by our film & tv clients before there is a placement. Please send a brief note to and let us know if you have interest in our representation/publishing services . If so, a non-exclusive contract will be sent for your review and signature. Be sure to write Music X-ray, the title and genre of your song in the subject line. Upon agreement, we will promote this song along with our catalog for current and future opportunities. Please be advised you must be the owner of your master/publishing for this service. Thx, LH

Patrick Rule — 05/01/2013 05:58PM EST: Thank you for your music submission to Relax Music Group. We would love to provide Free Airplay for your music on our In-house internet stream. Once you have completed this form, please send a copy of your song in .MP3 format Thank you again for your submission Patrick Rule

Bree Noble — 06/13/2013 07:58PM EST Women of Substance Radio
I would like to request that you send me your song: You Make Me Dizzy. Dear WOSRadio Artist, Welcome to our artist roster! We will have your song in our large rotation of music but will feature it soon on our New Music Show and starting approx. July 1 on one of our weekly shows for 3 months. Sincerely, The Women of Substance Radio Team Congratulations. We’d like to air your song. We will begin airing your song on Women of Substance Internet Radio in about a week. Thanks again for submitting your music and for being Women of Substance. Sincerely, Women of Substance Radio Team -- Women of Substance Radio

H2 Music Rights Management — 06/18/2013 05:54PM EST I would like to request that you send me your song.”You Make Me Dizzy” by Carmenne“I feel like there is a smash hit in your catalog. I look forward to future submissions. Thanks. A&R H2

Lacy Darryl Phillips - Uncle Earl — 06/22/2013 03:14AM EST
Hey Carmenne, This is a nice, clean, catchy feel good track! Please send your pic, bio and mp3 to my biz mail: Blessings, Lacy aka Uncle Earl

Mia Bajin — 07/16/2013 09:51PM EST Selected for Worldwide Radio Blast

July, 2013: 2039 Media Group, I love the sound

Music Boulevard Group — 08/01/2013 10:08AM EST Hi there! Thanks for your recent submission. Great music but currently not what we are looking for. Do you have any more materials? please submit. Thanks.

Jay Adkins — 08/14/2013 11:30AM EST I would like to request that you send me your song. “You Make Me Dizzy” I really love this song and would love to play it on my Internet radio show - Sundays 7-9pm (UK) please could you send a mp3 attachment to with a few songs. Thanks, Jay Adkins

Alex, BlackStream Records
— 08/20/2013 Thanks for the submission! "You Make Me Dizzy" is definitely catchy once it hits the chorus. The bass bridge mid way through is reminiscent of the Beatles which I really like. Let's keep the dialogue open for now. Do you have anything else I can listen to? If so, please forward. Thanks, Alex

09/06/2013 Djamboe Music is currently looking for original music (no covers) from the following genres listed below to be licensed for in-store broadcasting with the possibility of reaching over 100+ million people daily at over 280+ different brands worldwide including Starbucks, BCBG MAXAZRIA, Joey Restaurants, Red Robin, M Casino & Hotel, and the Trump Towers to name a few in countries such as Australia, Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. 09/07/2013 07:28AM EST Hi Carmenne, We sent a licensing agreement to your gmail for your review. If you agree please send us a .wav format of your song using wetransfer or dropbox. After we receive you file we will begin the process of integrating it into the databases of our content providers. Thanks! Djamboe Music

Prenevost Music: Nov 26th, 2013: Your Quote: "You make me dizzy makes me smile"
Your Review: Carmenne, I really like the feel of this song it has a real 60's groove. I love the distorted bass guitar. The melody and harmonies are really cool like a Monkees or Partrige Family tune. Nice vocals and production. A little more 60's feel than I need right now but I will be watching for the right opportunity for this song because I like it. I think it's perfect for a romantic comedy. Frank - Prenevost Music

W.O.A. Entertainment (May 15th, 2014): Your song "You Make Me Dizzy" is on our "Independent Number 1 Compilation CD, Vol 3, to be released worlwide in May, 2014!

Can’t Stop Smilin’ Reviews and Contract Offers: Eddie from Music Of the Sea, Inc“Beautiful Tune”. June, 2013 Your Review From 2039 Media Group. Thanks for your submission to 2039 Media Group. I really like this song, nice production and yes, I love the upbeat happy vibe. I'm going to sit with this and submit it to some opportunities I'm a part of. Great Job!

Linnette A. Harrigan — 05/12/2013 11:56PM EST Contract offered and signed. Thanks for your recent submit. We have chosen your track as a strong possibility for one of our film/tv project listings. Upon agreement, we will promote this song along with our catalog for current and future opportunities. Please be advised you must be the owner of your master/publishing for this service. Thx, LH

Patrick Rule – RelaxFreeMusic 08, 2013 Please send "Carmenne Chiasson - Can't Stop Smilin.mp3". Please send "You Make Me Dizzy". We very happy to announce our CMJ 2013 Marketing Project which places your songs on our one of a kind USB Flash Bands to be distributed to attendees at this year's CMJ Music Marathon. 1000 flash bands representing 60 songs from 30 artists will be given to DJs and music industry professionals in attendance at the CMJ Music Awards .We would love to have both of your tracks on the Flash Band project!

Mia Bajin – 10-20-2013: Song “Cant Stop Smilin” selected for World Wide Radio Blast!

C’est La Vie En Acadie: Patrick Rule — Relax Free Music Group June, 2013 “The song is great, and we’d love an English version to feature on our Morning Mix Programming.” Thanks, Patrick Rule

Lucky Charm May, 2013 UR S Man Radio: Song is placed on Hold

10/07/2013: “Turns Out” Selected for Worldwide FM radio and online radio distribution by Mia Bajin

Oct 29th, 2013: Indie Music For Film: Non-exclusive contract! The following 5 songs were selected to be sent for possible use in TV and Film: Soul Mates, Every Day is A Great Day, You Make Me Dizzy, Turns Out and Do I Have Vertigo? “I am very honored to represent you in the TV and Film Industry. Your music is amazing and so whimsical. I can't wait to hear more songs!” Shelene

Djamboe Music: Selected Open to you for Retail with up to 100,000,000 listeners daily! "This is a great song."

11/01/2013: Soul Mates Selected for Worldwide Radio Blast plus Report by Mia Bajin
11/02/2013: Every Day is a Great Day Selected for Worldwide Radio Blast by Mia Bajin
11/02/2013: You Make Me Dizzy Selected for Retail by Mia Bajin
11/19/2013: Every Day is a Great Day Selected for Retail by Mia Bajin
11/19/2013: Christmas is Coming Soon Selected for Worldwide Radio Blast by Mia Bajin
11/19/2013: Christmas is Coming Soon Selected for Retail by Mia Bajin
11/19/2013: I Breathe Your Name Selected for Retail by Mia Bajin
11/19/2013: Open To You Selected for Retail and 11/22/13 for Radio by Mia Bajin

Wanda Alvares — 11/25/2013 08:17PM EST - Hi Carmenne, This is to inform you that your song has been accepted for the WOA TV Show - All things music. Please send the music video link to Wishing you the best of luck with this song and hope you can generate lot of profits to help the victims of the tragedy in the Philippines. Best Regards, Irene
Wanda Alvares — 11/26/2013 08:14AM EST
Hi Carmen, This is to confirm that your song has ben accepted for the WOAFM99 Christmas Playlist at, Thank you, Irene 

Song Inspirations for Christmas is Coming Soon

I have always loved Christmas and felt the joy of the Spirit of Christmas. I started writing this song when I was 17 and just completed it in October of this year (2013)! I want to share the joy of the Christmas Spirit with the world!

Song Inspirations for the Album: Can’t Stop Smilin’

1. Every Day is a Great Day

This song was inspired after I went on my first date with a man. I started writing the song that night and continued to write verses as the relationship progressed. All I could think was “Every Day is a Great Day When I’m With You.”

2. You Make Me Dizzy When You Kiss Me

I was dating an interesting man. After a date he kissed me goodbye and I swooned. He asked me: “Do you have vertigo?” I said: “No, it’s you!” As the song says: “It seems as if you can’t stand still long enough to marry me, it’s as if your attention span is shorter than it otta be.” However, as the song’s ending says: “I still wish you were kissing me.”

3. Can’t Stop Smilin’

This song was written about adventures that may or may not have taken place while travelling around the world with my husband.

4. C’est La Vie En Acadie

I wrote this song at the age of 16 after moving to my mother’s village in Clare, Nova Scotia. The bridge of the song was inspired by a comment my mother made “Everything you need, you can find in Clare”. The title of the song means: This is life in Acadie.

Quand j’avais 16 ans j’ai écrit cette chanson. À ce temps-là, ma famille à demanagée au village de ma mère, en Clare, dans la Nouvelle Écosse. Une phrase de la chanson était inspirée par ma mère: “Tous ce que j’ai besoin, je trouve en Acadie”.

5. Lucky Charm

My friend came to my island home to help me and he actually said “If I don’t come and help you, I will be riding my dirt bike down in Baja and I will be struck by lightning out of a clear blue sky.” He is Irish and I called him my Lucky Charm.

6. He just Holds Me Right

A friend of mine was dating a man that was much younger than her but she could not end it because she said: “He just holds me right”.

7. You Are My Love Song

This started out as a love song written as a Valentine’s Day present for a man I was dating who lived overseas. It started out as a love song but later became a break-up song.

8. Keep On Drivin’

This song was inspired by people who feel that sometimes life might be easier if you just keep on driving. “I try to love my family, but they keep on disrespectin’ me.” Then a light from the sky is a sign and provides the strength to carry on and realize you do really want to go home and continue on your path.

9. Soulmates

I wrote this song after talking on the phone to my boyfriend when we told each other we were soul mates. This was a long distance relationship and we needed to be in the same place to move further in the relationship.

10. Sunshine

I wrote this song for my friend who was having a baby and did not know if she was having a boy or a girl. Part of the inspiration was also from my own feelings of anticipation and joy when I had my son.