Catherine Little
Catherine Little - Serenade, Op. 37 (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Classical

Cellist Catherine Little is on a mission to build a bridge to classical music. She is no stranger to other genres - she's played with the likes of rocker Rod Stewart and has recorded pop, blues and rap. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, she's had the advantage of living in a rich song and celtic culture too. This varied exposure has given her a unique perspective on music and audiences. Foremost, she sees that familiarity with music promotes understanding and appreciation. As such, she is deliberate about her repertoire choices, and presenting educational and informative classical performances. Duly aware that the work of a great composer interpreted by a fine performer can touch people on the deepest level, Catherine has spent a lifetime honing her craft as a cellist in order to bring audiences her very best.

Coming Nov 20, 2021: Catherine's debut album Taking Five.

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