CBMIC (Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative
Region: Cape Breton


Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative (CBMIC) is a not-for-profit organization developed to grow and support Cape Breton’s music industry. CBMIC is currently run by a volunteer Board of Directors with a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the current music industry standards and what needs to occur (on both a short-term and long-term basis) to assure this industry continues to strengthen and grow within Cape Breton- and more importantly, expand CBMIC on a national and international scale. To ensure the success of CBMIC, the Board of Directors is working on building CBMIC to be the key organization in Cape Breton where all artists can turn to for knowledge, advice and support as they begin and continue on their musical career paths.

CBMIC realizes that the music industry in Cape Breton is a sustainable one. Through partnerships with government agencies, private sector, media, local venues and music-related organizations within Canada and beyond, CBMIC’s goal is to bridge the gap between local musicians and the music industry as a whole.


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