Phatty Has Beens
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock

Phatty Has Beens, riding the sonic waves of their Marshall stacks, don’t just hit the stage, but crash into it like a Rock & Roll tidal wave.

The guitar riffs unleash like an IRoc-Z into a steamy summer night. The mighty beats of the drums signal the incoming Rock and Roll thunder. The sensual drive of the bass guides the frenzied audience through their own delirium. The haunting melody of the singer is like voice of a thousand denim wearing angels. These heroes tell stories filled with dreams, blood, sweat and tears. Their myth has become legend. Like Icarus flying headlong into the Rock & Roll sun, Phatty Has Beens are bringing their music all around the globe. Phatty Has Beens are more than a band, they are gift from the Rock & Roll gods… they are proof THE 80s NEVER ENDED!