Citadel House
Region: Newfoundland and Labrador

The Citadel House is a multi-faceted music facility and business located in Central Newfoundland. Based in the Old Salvation Army (church) Citadel of Lewisporte, Dean and Stevie Stairs acquired the building in 1996 and formed it into both a unique performance venue and recording studio, as well as the family home where they are raising their ten children.

Within the facets of The Citadel House, music comes to be heard in these ways:

Venue: Artists come from around the world to seek an audience in Central Newfoundland. We are a cross between a House Concert and a MicroVenue. Serving complementary home made goodies, tea and coffee, we enjoy an evening of community and top shelf entertainment, and offer the artist supper, a performance and sales opportunity, a bed and breakfast. It is always a happy time! We are situated halfway between Corner Brook and St John’s and make for a good stopping point for musicians touring the island.

Recording Studio: Dean Stairs has been recording and producing projects for many artists over the years, gaining some of them local, regional and national awards and nominations. Some songwriters have brought a nugget of a tune, and left with a polished, radio hit.

Record Company:A record company was formed in 2015 to develop talent and launch careers for certain individuals. Citadel House is proud to be working closely with Earle & Coffin, Adam Baxter, Christian Howse, Victoria Cooper (Blackwood) ,Haley Taylor and Cassidy Rich at this time.

Awards and Nominations for Dean Stairs and The Citadel House:

2017 Nominee -ECMA Company of the Year

2017 Nominee -ECMA Venue of the Year

2016 Award- Music NL Outstanding Company of the Year

2016 Award- MusicNL Industry Professional of the Year

2013 Nominee- ECMA Studio Engineer of the Year

2013 Award- MusicNL Industry Builder of the Year

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