Conquer All Music
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Conquer All Music is an integrated music facility located on the South Shore of Nova Scotia in the rural community of Conquerall Mills. CAM is a music store, recording studio, rehearsal hall, and live-sound business, that caters to clients locally and abroad.

The facility that houses CAM used to be the community hall for Conquerall Mills. It was constructed in the late 1940's on land donated by the neighbouring farm. Over the years, the hall fell into disuse and disrepair until Conquer All Music purchased it and began renovations in 2012.

The recording studio boasts an approximately 300 square foot record floor and 2 isolation booths. All projects are recorded digitally, but with a nice analog front end to preserve some warmth.

The store specializes in music accessories, used instruments, and boutique, hand-wired, stomp boxes. Instrument and electronic repair services are also available.

CAM is approximately 5 minutes directly off Fisherman's Memorial Highway between exits 14 and 15. It is an 8 minute drive to the Town of Bridgewater. Fancy's Lake and the Petite Rivere are a 5 minute walk through the woods, and CAM is only 15 minutes from several beaches, including Risser's Beach Provincal Park, Cresent Beach, Sperry's Beach and Green Bay.

Conquer All Music has been active in the local music scene the last two years, working with up and coming artists as well as sponsoring and helping to coordinate various musical events.