Dan MacCormack
Dan MacCormack - Good Friday
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Folk, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Singer/songwriter Dan MacCormack's debut solo album, Symphony of Ghosts, incorporates symphonic instruments with folk and Americana music in a musical interpretation of the writing of David Adams Richards.

Symphony of Ghosts traces and strengthens the lines connecting music and literature. Inspired by the writing of David Adams Richards, each of the ten songs on the album focuses on a different Richards novel.

Incorporating themes, characters, imagery, and language from Richards’ books, and produced by Jason Michael MacIsaac (Heavy Blinkers, Jenn Grant), this is a rich, layered musical homage to one of the greatest writers to come from Canada.

Dan is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, performing on film and television scores and producing music for himself and other artists.

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