Danielle Palmer
Danielle Palmer - Love And Abuse
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Hip Hop, Pop, R&B

Danielle Palmer is a 17-year-old Music Artist born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She pours her heart and soul out into her music she creates based on her personal experiences. Danielle makes her beats from scratch, puts emotion into her sound and comes up with strong lyrics that make up her unique style. She has a deep passion for music and creating masterpieces that she feels can change the way people view her as a human being.

Ever since she was a little girl, she would always be the one in the spotlight. No matter where she went, there was always that spark that ignited within her soul. Growing up Her grandfather loved playing guitar while she sang old classic rock songs. He taught her many songs and every year he got a band together to play those songs. Growing up around music made her feel confident in a way nothing else could, she owned the stage with every performance. As she hit her teens, Danielle has dealt with trying to overcome her anxiety and depression that she was diagnosed with. The only thing that seems to make her feel normal is her music because that how she tells her stories. She has learned how to cope through writing and make her life into what she believes is best for her. Danielle will never stop fighting for her dreams and what she believes in. After all she is a fighter and will never give up on who she is. Danielle Palmer strives to become someone who can help others through any kind of struggle because she's been through so much that she wants people to have the help that she was blessed to have from her friends and family. If it wasn't for her support system, Danielle wouldn't be the same. Music is her life and its in her blood, listen to her songs and you will feel the emotion.

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