Dennis Hunt
Dennis Hunt - Mama's Song
Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Country, Singer-Songwriter

Music is part of me.
Music is who I am.
Music is what I love.
Music is what I cannot live without.

I’ve always loved music and I was privileged to have people around me that fostered creativity. I have memorized so many other artists lyrics and have pondered them for a long time. Lyrics are a vehicle by which we convey a message or a thought. It turns out that I have more to say, than I previously realized.

I have been writing ideas down since I was a kid. In the days before a walkman, Mornings, Lunchtime and After school I’d walk to school and home. I would make up my own little melodies that I would sing and sing badly.
In my JR High Art class, the teacher (Ralph Gray) was a very creative man and thankfully, very patient.
I’d sing as I made my class creations.
He never once dissuaded me from doing so.
I have to thank him and admired him for that.

In High School, again, I was fortunate have instructors that encouraged a love of prose and poetry. Turns out one of my teachers was a professional musician before he was a taught (Thanks Joe McIntyre and Ken Oulton)

I’ve made a living with my speaking voice. This has been as a technical support analyst for a Xerox, also as a part time radio host and as a wedding DJ / Emcee. I’ve played bass guitar on numerous CD projects for local artists as well. I have played in cover bands in my hometown for many many years and eventually got comfortable with singing backup, and eventually sang lead as a break for the lead singer.

I’ve had a guitar nearby since I was 15 years old. In recent years, I’ve discovered my voice.. my own singing voice. One I’ve become proud of, because It’s Me. I have stories to tell and music to play. Im grateful to have the ability to capture my ideas whenever I have inspiration. The key to writing a great piece of music or creating a great piece of art Is to be available. I have made myself available and have learned to recognize whenI have a moment of inspiration, and I then simply have to follow it to wherever it may go. I am so loving this process of discover and in truth, self discovery as well.

My photos that are posted here were taken by my beautiful wife Janet :) I need to thank her for letting me fill the house with noise, in my attempt to fulfill my passion: Making Music.

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