Russell Louder
Russell Louder - Give it up
Region: PEI
Genre: Alternative, Electronic, Pop

Russell Louder is a transgender performance artist, musician and producer based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They exemplify a relentless and nuanced exploration of musical genres - from experimental to dark dance pop - creating a constantly mutating landscape fronted by soaring vocals.  

"Russell Louder is the performance artist putting Eastern Canada's electronic scene on the map." - THUMP magazine

"...the most captivating element is definitely their melancholic, resonant voice. It's the secret weapon of the Prince Edward Island-based trans performance artist and musician." - Exclaim!

"While loving Louder’s performance as a whole, it was their voice that was so captivating. When they sang their first notes on stage, chills went down our spines." - The East

"For all the impressive self-harmonizing, Louder still maintains a certain demure detachment, as if they are still vulnerable while being frank and open." -Ride the Tempo

 "Though most definitely a performer, Louder’s performance is rooted in a profound sense of self and authenticity. It’s energizing and exhilarating to find an artist making something real in an otherwise fabricated musical landscape." - Dominionated