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Region: PEI
Genre: ["Acadien","Alternative","Americana","Bluegrass","Blues","Celtic","Country","Electronic","Folk","Francophone","Funk","Gospel","Hip Hop","Indie","Jazz","Metal","Pop","Pop-Rock","R&B","Reggae","Rock","Roots","Singer-Songwriter","Ska","Soul","Traditional","World"]

Have you ever thought to yourself?

“Jesus, it’d be so awesome to have a podcast that showcased East Coast Music. Something professional sounding that appealed to a wide audience and was also entertaining”

Well, we’re not sure about the professional part, but we think East of the Dial is probably the closest thing you’re going to get.

East of the Dial is made up of three semi-talented, moderately attractive, redheads from the East Coast named Matthew Clark (Promotions Director at MBS Radio) Chris Pride (Pride in the Morning – The Island’s Country 95.1FM CFCY) and Joee Adams (Q Morning Crew – The Island’s Rock Q93.1FM) who've come together to produce Atlantic Canada's newest podcast to try and do that very thing.

Being in the industry, the boys from East of the Dial understand the obstacles that many East Coast artists often face when trying to get any sort of commercial radio play.

East of the Dial airs Thursdays at 6:00PM on Itunes,Soundcloud,Tunein

So if you’re from the East Coast we want to hear you! Send us in tracks, stories, funny cat videos or what have you to EastoftheDial@gmail.com

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