Sorrey - Sorrey Talking To Them
Region: PEI
Genre: Indie, Pop, Rock

How do you know when to fight for a relationship or fight your way out of it? It’s the central question at the core of Sorrey’s long-awaited full-length debut, In Full Bloom. Wavering between the swirling, precarious warmth of being in love and the uncomfortable, dizzying feeling of leaving that love behind, Sorrey weaves an unapologetic chronicle of remaining heart-strong in the face of fading romance.

Couched in shoegazey dream-pop, the songs on In Full Bloom move in step with the candid and truthful lyricism of singer, songwriter, guitarist, and namesake Emilee Sorrey. Backed by a band of PEI musical heavyweights – Colin Buchanan, Andrew Murray, Bruce Rooney, and Luke Pound – Sorrey’s knack for tapping into the kaleidoscopic rush of wearing your emotions on your sleeve is once again on full display.

Recalling the intimacy of Beach House, the retro tones of Kate Bush, and the minimalist penchant of The XX, In Full Bloom builds on the band’s already steady foundation of undeniably anthemic hooks and skillfully crafted melodies. Whether it’s the effervescent bounce of “Talking To Them, the slow burn lament of “Go Get Ahead, or the hazy pulse of “Signs, the LP shimmers and glows, blossoming song by song to elegantly embrace the bruises that come with growing older and wiser.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered completely on Prince Edward Island, In Full Bloom comes on the heels of Sorrey’s critically-acclaimed 2015 EP, Thick As Thieves, and is available on Friday, October 18 via Garment District Records.