Fire Valley Fire
Fire Valley Fire - Child With A Gun
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: Blues, Indie, Pop-Rock, Rock
Fire Valley Fire is a Rock band from Sydney, Nova Scotia. The band’s roots run deep in the post-industrial Cape Breton music scene and it’s members are no strangers to East Coast Rock & Roll. As a collective, guitar player Dan Baldwin (Rock Ranger, The Grass), bass player Morgan Currie (I Was A Spy, The Tom Fun Orchestra), drummer Mike Morrison (Rock Ranger, Sunfish) and singer Justin Vallis (Bella Rebellion) let influences from classic rock to early metal to 90s alt-rock shimmer to the surface. With their debut album, Bring An Army, Fire Valley Fire delivers shredding guitars, pounding drums, bass like thunder and driving vocals. Put it in your ears. Turn it up.

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