Guy Paul Thibault
Guy Paul Thibault - Misdemeanor
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Americana, Country, Indie, Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

"The Road Between" is awarded International Album of the year by the International Singer- Songwriter Association in Atlanta Georgia August 2019

For more than 20 years Guy Paul Thibault has been driven by his passion for music. With close to 2500 performing gigs to his credit; playing acoustic, electric, bass, slide guitar and providing vocals for original acts and cover bands. He has performed at a multitude of musical venues and festivals over the years.

An accomplished and award winning songwriter, Guy Paul has written, recorded and produced 6 solo CD’s on his own, receiving national and international press coverage, including an article in the prestigious UK “Guitarist” magazine.

Guy Paul was also a noted early vanguard and example of successful online music sales, accumulating over 250,000 downloads (back in the days of dail-up) and selling CDs from his humble home to every continent on earth.

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