Heather Green
Heather Green - Day I Was Born
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Pop

Heather Green, a California native, who now calls Halifax home has truly embraced the spirit of song writing in her new signature record “Your Last War”. Produced by Halifax’s multi-talented Daniel Ledwell (Jenn grant, Kathleen Edwards and The Weakerthans), it is without a doubt the most motley series of songs yet by this emerging East Coast artist.

“Your Last War” is a true representation of the community Green has carved out in Halifax, Ledwell is not the only haligonian to put a stamp on this record, there are many other contributions by talented East Coast artists, including Erin Costelo, Rose Cousins, Ria Mae, Naomi-Joy Black-Hall Butler, Don Brownrigg, Margot Durling, Heather Gibson, Rick Edgett, and Jenn Grant.
From the sultry and sexy track “Dirty Love”, to the humble whimsical feel of “Sweet little Something”, Greens songs tangle the fancifulness of traditional love songs, with the overwhelming power of incredi-ble rhythms and bewilderingly beautiful melodies. Ledwell plays countless instruments on the record, furnishing the vocals with heartfelt sentiment, while avoiding clouding the honesty and beauty of the strong concise lyrics. Green initially commands the stage with an endearing bashfulness that quickly disappears when the first notes are sung. Shifting from cordial conversation to witty wisecracks her live performance is as multifaceted as her music.