Artifiseer - Veins of the Iris // _try to erase_
Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Alternative, Electronic, Indie, Pop

Artifiseer is the solo project of Saint John-based musician, producer and engineer, Ian Livingstone. Through their dense layering of glitched electronics, psychedelic textures and vast, dark ambience, Artifiseer renders vivid portraits of melancholy, anxiety and yearning, lead by their deep, commanding voice. With a musical repertoire ranging from morphing textural soundscapes to passionate experimental pop belters, Livingstone's eclectic and unique sound palette is perhaps best exemplified on their most recent album, 2020's "Syncretist".

Released during the cold, dark days of mid-January, "Syncretist" represents a huge step forward for Artifiseer. Seamlessly melding goth-leaning pop and R&B melodic flourishes with a rich and organic mix of analogue and digital textures, wrapped in layers of dreamy psychedelia, the music on "Syncretist" carves a unique path. But the passion, the pain, the anxiety and the longing of these pieces provide a powerful human familiarity to the journey, ending with an all-too-relatable refrain of "I need more..." as the album's final notes decay into noise.

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