Jason Leone
Jason Leone - audioblacK - Synaesthesia
Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Alternative, Metal, Rock, Ska

Over the past three decades I have shared the stage with amazing acts, done some time in-studio, was the pit drummer for a burlesque Nutcracker for thirteen years and traveled around New England in a math/jazz/metal project for almost a decade.

I recently moved to New Brunswick and, after recovering from major surgery, landed the drum teacher position at the Grand Falls Long & McQuade. Shortly thereafter, I had the amazing fortune to meet and play a show with the late, great Gary Sappier. We were making plans for more shows when Gary passed and I was subsequently hired by Charles Morneault to play the Blues & Jazz "RibFest" in Edmundston. Our trio was then approached by Jean-Guy Dominque to back him up for a couple of shows and then COVID took over and I've been reduced to recording YouTube videos from my basement.

I am greatly looking forward to getting back into performing on-stage and in a pit, and eventually getting into studio recording in and around New Brunswick - and beyond!

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