Jason Leone
Jason Leone - audioblacK - Synaesthesia
Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Alternative, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Ska

I am a drummer from Portland, Maine. My music career began around age 10 when I got into vocal lessons for a theatre production - and hasn't ever really stopped. I finally got my hands on a drum set around age fourteen and was directly thereafter in the requisite garage band (dubbed FeelGood Machine Gun). We experienced local success, won some contests, and got to open for some larger acts. Also while in high school I was in a select choir that took a gold medal at a competition in Quebec, then was invited to perform at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC where we won the adjudicators medal for "Most Musical Group". In my final year we toured Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for two weeks (crammed in a tour bus!) and sang to and with some amazing folks all over the Northeast.
In college I mostly practiced and practiced and practiced and majored in organic chemistry and practiced. Lots. After that I joined a metal band in Portland called audioblacK (Another tune from audioblacK entitled "Sweep") and gained some notoriety there and around New England. We played the Boston Hard Rock Cafe, The Middle East, a sold out State Theater with Mudvayne and basically ran amok from Northern Maine to New York for about eight years. In 2003 I was asked to play auxiliary percussion for a burlesque production of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. (Some nutcracker and audioblacK tunes here.) I ended up co-writing and arranging most of the show and was promoted to lead drummer the next year - a position I retained until I moved to Canada in 2015. The show was a smash hit; we sold out every show, every year - usually in the first 24 hours of online sales.
I have been incredibly fortunate to perform in many different locations and venues and in different styles of music from pop to metal, gospel, hip-hop, country, jazz to classical, bluegrass, funk and folk. I have recently moved to the Perth-Andover area and have been able to play with and meet some talented local musicians and I hope to broaden my horizons through singing and drumming in the community and beyond.