Jessie Tylre Williams
Jessie Tylre Williams - Breathe
Genre: Country, Indie, Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

International Recording Artist Jessie Tylre Williams is a high-powered and compelling Singer/Songwriter who is full of passion and drive. This is a perfect match for her humbling manner, “Healing the World – One Song at a Time”© which truly showcases what she believes and stands for: music that brings people together in peace and unity. Deriving from a non-musical family, Jessie started writing when she was just 9 years old. After saving up to buy her first guitar Jessie started putting musical notes to the lyrics that would soon change the world around her, playing until her fingers blistered. “Music isn’t something you just wake up to one day and say you’re going to do, it is in your blood, its who you are!” At this time she did not know the true effect her music would have on the world and how much her strength and compassion would be inspiring for those who listened to the melodies derived from a soulful journey. No stranger to the music industry, Jessie has won many awards including Nashville TCMA awards for Most Outstanding Showcase Entertainer of the Year and Most Promising Female Artist of the Year. “The awards are really nice, but they are not what drive me. What drives me is the desire to change an all too often dim world. It’s important for me that people know and understand I want to be the difference that I want to see in the world, and I’m so blessed that I can captivate a larger audience through my music. If the awards mean that I am helping to improve life for others, then there is meaning behind them!” Jessie surrenders her strong sense of ability through authentic acoustic sounds and melodies derived from the deepest realms of an intimate and personal journey. In both her writing and performance, Williams demonstrates her raw and inspiring experience of survival and determination that drives her to create original, empowering material. Each song, like a separate chapter, unfolds a story of continual hope and courage, moving each listener through her lyrical exposure of emotion. Originally from Manitoba, Jessie followed a gypsy lifestyle of movement from a young age and turned to music as a way of grounding herself. Now calling Alberta home, she continues as a passionate singer and songwriter preaching the potential of sound and voice as a healing medium gaining her musical influence through lending a hand to help others that need support during their own hardships. Her latest video “Breathe” shows us her raw and inspiring lyrics – “Just Breathe”, giving the listener hope in those moments of feeling overwhelmed and consumed by life’s daily challenges. Her compelling music has shown us that life is all about living and enjoying the moment you are in now. Jessie’s hard work and determination will prevail with strength and growth for the Nat’l PTSD Benefit Gala dates across Canada and soon to be international tour dates. Raising awareness and abolishing the stigma of PTSD is only the beginning of Jessie’s influential vision. “It feels so good to give back, to leave a piece of me wherever I go. Something I feel so blessed to be able to do. We must never stop believing. Where there is life - - there truly is hope. Music is such a powerful force and it can really heal and transform lives!”

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“Healing the World – One Song at a Time!”©