John Kennedy
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Electronic, Rock

Based in Nova Scotia, John Kennedy is a music and film sound creator working with guitars, synthesizers, samplers, field recordings, and tape decks. Debut album, Iapetus, released in 2021. "I want to create sounds that haven't been heard before".

The world has always been a musical place for John Kennedy. Strumming a guitar, humming a tune, even tapping a finger has long been his gateway to exploring how sounds are more than a personal soundtrack, they are maps of emotions and understanding.

Originally from Newfoundland and now a practising engineer in Nova Scotia, John has played solo and with others for years, playing covers and original compositions ranging from rock and metal to electronic and ambient. He has always nourished a fascination with how instruments and recordings can be manipulated to make different sounds, and it’s that pursuit that has led to his current passion of using field recordings and synths to build rhythms and tell stories in sound.

John’s latest work has included video projects with the visual artist Kate Ward, using a mixture of visuals to complement his evocative soundscapes.

In 2021 John released his first album, Iapetus, a project about transitions. He grew up surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean with the rocks of an ancient seabed beneath his feet. There is a tangible connection to those rocks of ancient seabed, they hold the iron of a precambrian red ocean, iron atoms that were once attached to the oxygen we breathe. These mountains had a large influence on him, and this is a series of compositions about the ocean that was here long before us.

Residencies, Events and Festivals…

Halifax Independent Film Festival Artist (Kate Ward & John Kennedy) – 2021

Iapetus Album release – 2021

Sydney Lumiere Artist (Kate Ward & John Kennedy) – 2019, 2020

Bridgewater AfterGlow Artist (Kate Ward & John Kennedy) – 2018

Iceland Artist in Residence Program – 2018

CBC Radio Mainstreet – 2019

CBC Searchlight Cape Breton Regional finalist – 2015

Judique on the Floor Festival – 2011

Port Hawkesbury Pirate Days Festival – 2012

Richmond County Surf Festival – 2011, 2013

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