Cavy & SkitSipSlow
Cavy & SkitSipSlow - The Afterparty
Region: PEI
Genre: Hip Hop

Cavy & SkitSipSlow are two upcoming hip-hop artists from Charlottetown, PEI who came together within the past year to release a collaborative EP known as Bon Voyage.

Released in November of 2017, the six song EP packs a punch. With a focus on quality over quantity, the EP is stacked with a mix of raw energy, lyricism, and catchy hooks that are represented seamlessly through their live show.

To date, Cavy & SkitSipSlow have performed alongside many notable acts in hip-hop, including some of the top names in the genre across the world today. Some of these acts include Hopsin, Joyner Lucas, Rakim, Token, Freddie Gibbs, SonReal, Merkules, Snak The Ripper, and many more.

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