Josh Norrad
Josh Norrad - To The Wind MASTER
Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Country, Rock

Josh Norrad is a country/rock performer from Upper Miramichi, New Brunswick Canada. His latest single "TO THE WIND" which features country star Dean Brody's award-winning band, debuted #11 on the iTunes country charts on the day of its release.

Josh has received a total of 6 MNB award nominations, including 2 Country Artist of the Year nominations. Reverbnation named Josh as one of the "Top Ten" country artists in eastern Canada. Josh also has an unstoppable fanbase, having been among the Top 25 to receive the popular vote in Canada for the CBC Searchlight Contest, as well as winning the Country Liberty Cover Contest with record-shattering fan support.

Josh is a seasoned performer, known for his unique energy and ability to connect with his audience. Whether it is a crowd of 50 people or an audience of thousands, Josh repeatedly demonstrates his ability to engage his listeners.

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