Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Alternative, Indie, Rock

Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia and winners of the 2016 best experimental band by the coast, Hemineglect forms multiple influences into their own brand of anti-core with a wide dynamic range.

Formed in 2015 by Halifax natives Don Corkum and Julian Hanson after the wake of their previous band "The Flat", Hemineglect employs a variety of different sounds and instruments to build a vast soundscape of eclectic, experimental jams.

Over the next few years and various roster changes, their debut LP “In Media Res” shows the growth, production and songwriting capabilities of original duo Cockum/Hanson as well as new additions in Nicholas Kulik and Simon Kulla.

Their most recent release came on December 11th 2020. The new EP entitled "Is Obsolete" is a new sort of musical direction for the band.

The band also uses their influence to try to create awareness of the current climate crisis, LGBTQ+ rights, civil rights and supports mental health recovery.

Our albums can be found on bandcamp, Spotify and all other streaming platforms.