Justyn Thyme
Justyn Thyme - Never Be Lonely
Region: PEI
Genre: Americana, Folk, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Justyn Thyme is the artistic emancipation of ECMA nominated and Music PEI award winning Justyn Young, multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter and child of Charlottetown, PEI. Having developed as a creator out of a collage of influences ranging from East Coast Roots and Americana to Mongolian Throat Singing and modern Soul fusion, he delivers a freshness of insight and musicality which reflects his deep relationship with self and the world. His rhythmic blend of Neo-Folk, Bluegrass, Acoustic, World, and Funk, rivets bare bones symposium against undeniable smoothness and flow, both sharp and mellow in its attempt to create something powerfully authentic in studio collaboration with some of the island’s most talented musicians whom he calls friends.

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