Kam Sparks
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: R&B, Soul

Kam always loved music. He began making music at an early age singing in church youth choirs, and studied piano at age 12. He grew up in the musical Sparks family from Cherry Brook, NS following after his uncle Jeremiah, and father Jamie.

Kam did what a lot of NS residents do and moved to Calgary in April 2017 to find work. After the loss of his brother Josiah in the summer of 2017 life changed immensely.

During this time is when he started spending more time on his music as an outlet, and to help bring some spiritual peace. Out of that came his first full length album "My Testimony". It includes some collabs with Calgary artists, as well as two songs with his father on the tracks Witness & Message to Heaven.

Kam performed at the Calgary Stampeed in 2019 & had to re-schedule his tour due to Covid. He is planning to hit the road again as soon as things open up.

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