Inn Echo
Inn Echo - Hibbs in the Big City
Region: PEI
Genre: Celtic, Folk, Roots, Traditional, World

Inn Echo is emerging as one of the traditional music scene’s most electrifying new acts. Consisting of concertina player Gormlaith Maynes (Drogheda, Ireland), guitarist Tom Gammons (Butte, Montana), fiddler Karson McKeown (Ottawa, Ontario) and fiddler and cellist Tuli Porcher (Victoria, British Columbia), the band is the culmination of four unique musical backgrounds from across Canada, the United States, and Ireland. With the goal of bringing a modern influence to the tradition of sharing and arranging tunes, this multi-award nominated group adds a tinge of jazz, pop, and even electronic music to the trad art form. “For an all-instrumental folk outfit to maintain listeners' interest is a challenge, one that Inn Echo meets convincingly on its album with fine musicianship, verve, and imaginative arrangements.” - Penguin Eggs

Since the release of their self-titled debut album in the summer of 2019, Inn Echo has been included in an extensive line-up of festivals including The Indian River Festival (PEI), The Festival of Small Halls (PEI), Festival Memoires & Racines (QC), and even Ireland’s largest music festival, the All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil. They have been nominated for multiple Music PEI Awards and have vastly grown their repertoire of originally composed tunes, making this a definite band to watch in the coming years.

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