Kim Wempe
Kim Wempe - 03 Never Promised You Nothing
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Roots

“Rarely do we encounter an artist this young and so ready. Without a doubt, she is next wave, and will soon be in the company of our proudest young women upstarts of this decade: Serena Ryder, Kathleen Edwards, Rose Cousins, Jenn Grant, Hannah Georgas, Lindi Ortega, Basia Bulat and Miss Emily Brown.” - Paul Symes: Owner/Booker of The Blacksheep Inn”

A powerful performer with smokey vocals and an undeniable stage presence, Kim Wempe has been tearing up Canadian highways and stomping her way across every stage in the country. On the heels of her 2010 ECMA win and a 2011 ECMA nomination, her new album 'Coalition' (due Spring 2013) is a big, bold, unapologetic leap into a whole new sound that puts her vocals in the driver's seat and her spirit in the spotlight.Throw out what you think you know about Kim Wempe. And don't miss her onstage at ECMW 2013.