Mark Amadeus Flowerdew
Mark Amadeus Flowerdew - Good Job
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Americana, Folk, Gospel, Singer-Songwriter

Mark Amadeus Flowerdew delivers a unique flavour of gospel folk-pop bursting with wit and whimsy. Inspired by the songwriting of Randy Newman and The Beatles, Mark aims to write timeless tunes while exploring the many facets of a life following Jesus. Amidst warm piano colours and joyful ukulele energy, Mark muses in verses that are vulnerable, charming, a little cheeky, and always rhyming. Mark's dream is to offer you meaningful rest from your troubles, a thoughtful challenge to your assumptions, and a sense of hope that your life is in good hands.

Growing up in Dartmouth NS, Mark learned music by ear, picking up piano, trombone, ukulele, and accordion, but his favourite hobby was composing. He started out studying engineering but eventually felt convinced to abandon his stable career path. Thus, full of fear and doubt, he began his step-by-step journey into a music career.

His first step was the release of his first album Lenten Carols (2016), an eclectic mix of songs inspired by Lent, the season of radical self-examination. His second solo album, Let’s Go (2021), further develops his gospel sound and considers life’s journey with God walking alongside you, a God who just might change your plans…

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