EPDMC - Shark Food
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Hip Hop, Singer-Songwriter

Rapper, songwriter EPDMC is an advocate for self expression, and the creator of an honest EPDMC; empowering the East Coast millennials to make a future out of their passion and creativity.

Born Mark Walker in Windsor Junction, NS, EPDMC is an East Coast kid. Growing up a chameleon in his own right, he wove through the social circles of grade school, where standing out was the greatest challenge.

Releasing mixtapes and EP’s since the age of 14, he found a strong stance in music. He began with simple rhymes and popular instrumentals, evolving by experimenting with new sounds, and eventually becoming an open book himself, real and true.

Fresh into his twenties, his sound, now developed and risk-taking; his message, one of perseverance, determination and celebration.

With his 2017 release, "Party on a Sunday", EPDMC has set his own standard for honest, motivational, and true rap music. Creating relatable music with lyrical storytelling. A true dream chaser's mentality.