Little Cities
Little Cities - These Days
Region: PEI
Genre: Pop-Rock

LITTLE CITIES is a proper name for a band from the Canadian Maritimes.

With modest stomping grounds rooted in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and the gun still smoking from recording their debut EP, they’ve set their sights on bringing their shiny, steadfast, soaked-in-synth pop-punk collective nationwide.

Think early Blink-182 and Seaway, meets MxPx and Fall Out Boy: unrelenting energy coupled with thoughtful musicianship and boyish charm.

Fun, tasty, top-shelf players, Mathew Hannah (lead guitar/vocals), Mitch Gallant (lead vocals/guitar), Josh Pitre (synth/ backing vocals), Chris Barrett (bass), and Ryan P. Gallant (drums) keep it tight, dynamic, and full.

Little Cities breathes life into a dormant brand of punk music... and they’re doing it under the radar, with unapologetic focus and vision.


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