Matt the Music Man
Matt the Music Man - Hotdogs and Cookies
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Children's, Folk, Rock

"I would equate Matt the Music Man to Raffi. It’s a CD even adults won’t grow tired of listening to because the music is fun and encompasses many different styles." - Laura Churchill Duke, Valley Family Fun

Matt The Music Man is more than your typical man from Nova Scotia with a guitar. He's also quite possibly the only musician around with a pirate hat and a platypus for a sidekick.

After writing and performing for over 20 years, Matt McFarlane became inspired to write children's songs with the arrival of his first child. Using humour to write about things he enjoyed seemed to strike a chord in young ears. Matt discovered the joys of performing for young children and getting them involved.

Today, Matt is performing for children across Nova Scotia. Using fun props and instruments to engage children has proven to help make his shows a success. Matt even lets the kids try out a few instruments at his shows. Matt’s plays a diverse selection of original songs covering a wide range of styles from folk to rock. The humorous nature of songs such as “Fat Cat”, "Pat the Platypus", “The Pirates from Yarmouth” and "The Solar System" are hits with children and adults alike! 

The smiles, laughs and voices singing in response to his performances are the rewards that continue to drive Matt. He is excited to continue to share his children's music with Nova Scotia and the world!