Matt the Music Man
Matt the Music Man - Hotdogs and Cookies
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Children's, Folk, Rock

Matt “the Music Man" McFarlane is an award winning Children’s Entertainer. (Music Nova Scotia's 2019 Children's Artist of the Year) He's also possibly the only musician around with a pirate hat and a platypus for a sidekick!

Growing up, Matt was shy and was bullied in school. After writing and performing music for about 20 years, he became inspired to write children's songs upon the arrival of his first child. Now Matt draws on his childhood experiences to inspire kids with his message of becoming self-confident!

Matt’s roots are in rock ’n’ roll, and you can tell, but he also explores many other genres to keep kids engaged. He has released two diverse all-original albums titled "Songs For Kids Age 1 to 101" (2014), and "Everyday Superheroes" (2017) as well an EP, "Family Fun! (2018). He also has a video series titled "Fun with Matt" that children can view on Youtube and Facebook.

"I would equate Matt the Music Man to Raffi. Even adults won’t grow tired of listening to because the music is fun and encompasses many different styles." - Laura Churchill Duke, Valley Family Fun

Matt has performed many exciting shows across the Maritimes and beyond using a variety of instruments, props, puppets and costumes to create a fun, interactive and educational experience. Through music, humour and stories, Matt teaches children about the importance of self-confidence and respect. It all comes together into a highly entertaining educational show for children, and adults too!

Many songs have been hits with children and parents such as the rockin' “Everyday Superheroes”, the catchy “Fat Cat”, the funny “Dinosaur In the Candy Store” and the clever "Pirates from Yarmouth". Matt makes a point to not downplay his music lyrically or musically too much for children because he understands how smart children are and he wants older audiences to be entertained as well. The smiles, laughs and voices singing along (even the parents!) are rewards that drive Matt as he continues his lifelong dream of performing music professionally.

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